Alternatives for Car Fuel – Many Different Choices

Alternatives for Car Fuel – Many Different Choices

Alternatives for Car Fuel – Many Different Choices

We all know electric cars use is on the rise, but in the future we may have many other forms of fuel for powering our vehicles. Here are some of the main ones which are being researched and developed today.


Car manufacturers are touting hydrogen as the best alternative fuel. For quite some time now, both the manufacturers and the end users of cars are worried about the fuel of the future. They know about the rapidly exhausting reserves of natural fuel and know that the day is not far off when it shall not be available any more. Keeping this in mind, the car manufacturers are looking forward towards alternative means with which the cars of the future will run.

One of them is hydrogen. Not only does this come cheap, is replaceable, but also does not pollute the atmosphere with CO2 emissions. Nowadays one can see more and more hydrogen fuel powered vehicles and these are helping to keep down the emission of poisonous CO2 fuel. One will be amazed to know that General Motors is producing a prototype of vehicle that will run just on hydrogen. The US government is playing its part by funding the hydrogen fuel project, a project that was announced way back in 2003 by President George Bush.

As of date, the current technology requires that will store and process gas which will in turn power the vehicle or other equipment and machinery that are dependent on fuel. However, new funding from the government is being pumped in to develop hydrogen as an alternative fuel. Since hydrogen is considered to be the best alternative fuel for running the cars of the future, it is not surprising to see that most leading car manufacturers are taking this route and are working on engines and cars that can run only on hydrogen.


If you have been thinking about the future and how you will manage to run you car after the natural fuel resources of the world has exhausted, chances are that you do not know about biodiesel. There are many car manufacturers that are redesigning their cars so that the same can run on biodiesel and apart from that there are different companies that are marketing conversion kits that will permit your natural fuel car to run on biodiesel.

But what is this biodiesel car fuel? Where can one get the same? Biodiesel is a non-petroleum product that is created from different and assorted renewable resources which includes animal fats, corn and vegetable oils. The best part is that it can also be used as substitutes for natural petroleum products. Biodiesel is not like petroleum in nature and hence it can be mixed with standard diesel in whatever proportions one wants to. This is the main reason why biodiesel is so well loved with the leading oil companies.

Biodiesel can be used directly as fuel or it can also be mixed with the normal diesel in any proportion that one wants. Apart from that, biodiesel is also non-poisonous, it is eco-friendly and it is also biodegradable. One need not modify their existing diesel engine to make it work with bio-diesel. One can use topically cultivated crops to produce biodiesel hence one does not have to rely on external sources for the same. These are some reasons why biodiesel is deemed to be the alternative fuel of the future.


Before one tries to know more about hybrid cars with relation to alternative fuels, they should know what exactly does the term hybrid means. Anything that is of mixed origin is known as hybrid and if one looks around, they will find hybrid flowers, hybrid pets and lots more. Man, out of his curiosity and creativity along with the help of modern technology has produced things of hybrid nature and the same stands true for hybrid fuels too.

Necessity is the mother of invention and seeing that the natural fuel of the world is not going to last for long, scientists and car manufacturers are looking towards hybrid cars that will help them to overcome the impending natural fuel scarcity in the future. It was as in early as 1899 that Ferdinand Porsche had come up with what was the first hybrid car. For those of you who do not know, the hybrid car is one that runs both on electricity as well as the normal gasoline engine.

In the past there were few takers for hybrid cars and people did not have a fancy for them back then as they have now. Nowadays one can see manufacturers like Honda and Toyota come up with hybrid cars and both of them are manufacturing several models of such hybrid cars. There is no doubt that hybrid cars are the in things for the future and they will help humankind get over the problem of dwindling natural fuel resources.


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